Destination - The Amalfi Coast

I have a sickness...the travel bug. And ever since the Valentine's day of 2004 (not a particularly good day) when I watched "Under the Tuscan Sun" for the first time, I've always wanted to visit Positano...Salerno, Italy.  Now you take one look at this picture and tell me you don't want to come too.
Image here
I have a thing for scenic drives and coastlines, just ask Whit, this summer I planned a postponed trip up Highway 1 on the west coast of California, beach and ocean all the way.  And if its in Italy, all the better.  Terraced towns, sailboats, fresh breezes, cobbled streets. Lovely.  All accessible by moped.  Sign me up please, thank you Rick Steve's.

What's even better is the history, the trade routes, the ancient roads, and architecture.  Tell me the story, I want to know.  Well back to reality, went to an Irish pub in Colorado Springs tonight and listened to an amazing Irish band with the best mandolin player I've very seen.  Many thanks to Ireland for your "rich" musical tradition.