A laugh - Colorado October 12, 2010

A laugh, a joke, its funny, then its ridicule, no big deal, its TV - everything is funny, they make fun of everyone.  But then some use it as a platform.  Sometimes jokes reflect the dark shadows that pass through society...or make prejudice ideas go down sweetly like mama's apple pie.  Its acceptable to criticize certain things when its done with a light-hearted laugh. Laughter reduces complicated issues, deep life questions, morality and ethics, to stereotypes, nice packages and shortcut links for managing life - to the tune of a well place laugh-track.

Sometimes this is a beautiful gift.  Life comes in laughter.  Entertainment checks the difficult realities of life - I am no stranger to this. But sometimes it drags us deeper into darkness. Think about how easy it is to release your giggles at an off-color ethnic joke or gay pun.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of hearing comedians, late-night talk show hosts, actors, writers, and other "highly intelligent, counter-cultural, talented, modern" people ridicule the God I worship with a manner that displays such ignorance of Him it betrays the very point they are trying to make.   I don't know much about God, and I know a lifetime wouldn't be enough, but I would hope that even though Christianity isn't a "minority" religion in this country that those who ridicule would at least attempt to treat it with the same integrity and justice they affect on the faiths that are currently in vogue.

If you belittle or desecrate Jesus, it doesn't matter if its funny or satirical in the name of modern thinking, you're the same as the anthropologists and crusaders you condemn for laughing at the gods of other men.  Search out the truth of Christ instead of gaining cheap laughs from half-true wise cracks, and spirit-numbing caricatures of Christian believers - because I follow Jesus, and I'm not the coward.