Friday: When Sun Meets Fur

 Two cat's lying in the sun, read: what I'm going to do this weekend

 Who knew that working 8 1/2 hours a day would be so consuming? It is.  I have a limited ability to access the internet so my normal "thought to Google search" twitches are greatly hampered.  For example, why does Asia have so many mask-wearing citizens? Impulse move to google, shot down by ethical computer use, drat! Or what are those green plastic things on top of concrete highway dividers for? Why have I only seen them in Minnesota? (Seriously! What are they?) Gas explosion on 35? Hark! What's the news? Alas, I must wait until I'm home.

Ya know, has some interesting tidbits, nuggets of word-culture, a recent find: extreme supermoon, a celestial event for March 19th.  Don't miss it.

New Bulletin: For all you Christian Liberal Arts graduates wondering when you'll ever see "Christian Theology 101" pop up in mainstream media - meet Rob Bell versus Martin Bashir of MSNBC.  When I'm at my desk, the lobby TV runs silent across the room, but I can see the headlines.  "Rob Bell accused of heresy" definitely caught my attention, so I googled it.

I think the nature of the hosts questions were sharp and to the point, but he seemed unable to accept a paradox, that he had no intention of having a dialogue, rather a roasting ceremony. I think this is where many people stop in their spiritual journeys.  Things like God's supreme love and God's supreme power are inconceivable without "faith".  But faith is unacceptable to so many. I haven't read his book so I'm really not advocating Bell's opinion, but its nice to know that the media is at least discussing  Jesus again.