On the Map: Rush River

Oh dear, I forgot to tell you. This weekend, M & I drove down to the Rush River Valley to hang out with his brother and new sister at her mother's home in the country. It was a lovely adventure, driving past mined hills and through lush valleys on winding roads.  Her mother lives tucked away in a corner of Wisconsin countryside carved out by the Rush River, below the farming plains of Ellsworth.  Have you ever driven the Great River Road from St. Paul to Red Wing? Its just like that. Steep hills dip into shadowed valleys, in the evening June bugs hum and you forget you're only an hour away from the Cities.

We played dominoes all night (don't you love that game?), watched Hildago (which I'd never seen) and Arsenic & Old Lace (which you should see), and mustered a rousing round of Croquet - which I invariably lost. M rose up early in the morning to walk along the river ... and came back 3 hours later, sopping wet, and rather lost.

Coincidentally, I came across this delicate DIY Dominoes Set which would make a great camp project, don't you think?

image via here