Today I had the sudden urge to make a comic book about Northwestern Faculty and Staff - can I put a request into The Column? I'd do it myself, but despite having an art teacher for a mother, my drawing skills amount to stick figures who can bend their arms.

Part of me wishes I would have started journaling my Northwestern experiences as a freshman so there would be some sort of visible progress, but I didn't, so I suppose I'll have to resort to nostalgic reminiscing: you know you're a SENIOR when cranking out a three page paper takes less than an hour and doesn't give you brain ulcers.

On a side note, I had an amazing experience at my internship today, it turns out another Northwesterner is interning at our sister office at the U.S. capitol and my friend/old roomie now lives in her old house - weird. AND just found out one of my co-workers is a Northwestern alum, who just so happened to be an ICS minor and we had a lovely chat about law school - I swear we're taking over the world.

Side, side note: I haven't been sleeping much lately -  you know you've lived with someone too long when you only go to bed when the other person is ready, this becomes a problem when she gets a chatty boyfriend from a different time zone.