The Great Mu Kappa Adventure

Did you know... that Northwestern is home to many secret (and not so secret) societies? How about the Cloak People...Star Wars Role-Playing Clan...Catan Fanatics...and I'm pretty sure there's something creepy going in the theatre/band wing. Well, this weekend I spent three days and two nights with a large number of one such secret (not so secret) society: Mu Kappa - a.k.a. Missionary Kids. They are definitely a unique bunch, quite wonderful to be around.

The Winter Retreat took place at Camp Forest Springs in Northern Wisconsin (whoot), complete with ski hill, ice rinks, fireplaces, and one huge snow tube rollercoaster (yes, I screamed). I really enjoyed hanging with such a crazy bunch of TCKs (third culture kids) who definitely know how to enjoy the snow. I know I don't have to tell you how rare it is to have a weekend designed for the sole purpose of recreation and fun ... what is that, again?

Maybe its times like this past weekend that stick with you as responsibilities begin to pile on - I felt like a kids camper again, free to be and see. I also acquired a 7th grader who had a strong desire to say hi to me at meals and ask me to go snowboarding with him.... it was sweet, but I think someone should let him know that it just wouldn't work out. Minus the fact that I'm seven years his senior, I just don't think I'm his type, just that fact that I've hit puberty and all... Oh well, at least it gave my compadres something to giggle about.

I learned a lot about identity and missions life on the field from those around me and I am surprised more of my friends haven't attended a Mu Kappa event before, so worth it.