Little Town

One of my favorite things about Northwestern is that I can walk down the hall and say "hi" to at least 75% of the people I run in to - and if I don't know you, I KNOW I don't know you.  Maybe that kind of thing doesn't matter to some, but I love the community that is the fourth floor of Naz - we all know each other. 

My friends and I have recently been reflecting on what our lives will be like after graduation hits, which is quite soon for a few of us.  We've taken for granted the great community that we live in (some have wondered where they'll meet boys from now on, but someone just needs to give them a good shake).  How many students across the globe know their professors on a personal level? Have professors that pray for them? We are truly blessed - makes me smile (which hurts because I have a headache).

One thing I miss most of all about not living in the dorms is the ability to run next door to your neighbor and jump on their couch, or borrow a stick of butter, or watch a movie together.  Now when I bake cookies, I have to bring them somewhere for them to be eaten, instead of simply leaving my door open and luring people in with their warm flaky aroma.  I eat my cookies alone.

Little town full of Northwestern people, I am going to miss you.