An Empty Monastery

I am a people person - that is I love getting to know people, I love conversation, and I love learning by experience. In fact, airports are one of my favorite places.

However, I have a secret pleasure. I love Nazareth Hall right before breaks - its empty, and its quiet - perfect for exploring! In an empty Naz, I can stop in the middle of a landing and watch the squirrels play in the courtyard, and admire the paintings I hurry by most days.

But there is something I enjoy most of all about our quiet campus, exploring the grounds. I am sure that anyone who has ever tried has probably found all the places I have, so I make no claim at originality or ingenuitiy, and yet, if you don't pay attention (or are too busy doing homework) its quite possible to miss them.

One day I parked in the faculty lot, before it was banned, and decided to take the back stairs to the fourth floor. I had never done this before, but what do you know? There's another set of stairs that leads up to a nice nook that overlooks the lake.

Another day, I went walking with Whitney from the student center to the island, following the gate and lake the whole time. We had a blast and found some fun spots along the way, like the cross alter in the forest along the lake just before the path comes out of the forest.

Its also just wonderful to take the path around the island or hop around the stream and paths behind the Erickson Center.