Rollerblade Much?

Why yes, I do!  Thank you for asking ;)

What a wonderful Saturday:
  • we replanted our flowers and vegetables outside in the sun
  • refreshed them with a garbage can full of water (and then made our own watering can from a recycled milk jug, go Brianna!)
  • tilled a bed of soil outside our window using forks and spoons (ultimate utensils!) and planted a myriad of wildflowers
  • read a travel book
  • ran to Dominoes for large cheese pizza, browsed through a random gift shop while waiting (the middle-aged female employees were gathered in the back discussing the lastest wedding gossip)
  • perused an eco-friendly craft book, which was totally awesome, and I'm totally a nerd
  • Went on a rollerblade adventure from our apartment to Northwestern (Victoria to Lexington to Hamline to Lydia, Snelling and around campus). 
Brianna and I got a great workout and enjoyed the cool spring air (Whitney would have joined us but she was being responsible and babysitting some kids). We noticed so many things we normally miss when we drive that way.  We saw dogs, and ducks on a date, and a HUGE FREAKING RAT THE SIZE OF A RABBIT! That was way gross ! (I'm not even going to try to sound sophisticated, that pretty painting above will have to fill the quota). 

We also sat down and had a chat on the Bench of Life (also known as the bench near the lake on campus nearest the woods straight down from Naz Chapel).  Its a great bench: quiet, crazy squirrels chucking acorns around you.

We talked about boys, of course, they just seem to keep coming up.  But not like they used to.  It wasn't a "gush" session, "oh my gosh, he is so cute".  Please.  We've grown up.  But seriously, we talked about all the things we've learned from our relationships, how our ideas of love have changed, grown, become more fulfilling, more realistic.  Ironically, we also discussed that deep thinking isn't always a good thing - Bible school is good but it can mess you up if you try to be "wise" all the time.  Lighten up already! I should take my own advice.  I'm not supporting foolish behavior or disobedience to God, but rather, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, relax and realize the whole thing isn't an epic do or die battle.  Its really just fine to make mistakes - we want our significant others to be just that, significant people in our lives who love us for who we are, for the mistakes we make, and can laugh along with our quirks. 

Maybe this is a no brainer for some of you, but its really easy to forget it in the hoopla of romance. Boy, please! Let's just go on a bike ride and laugh ourselves silly the whole way. Save the drama for another day. 

Thank you, this has been Saturday Adventures with Brianna and Shasta.  That is all I have to say ;)