Autour de trois - la fromagerie et la boulangerie

Friday May 14, 2010
Round Three: The Cheese Shop and the Bakery
This time on a Friday - Brianna and I ventured down the Lexington Parkway, past Como Park, to Grand and Snelling.  Both times Whitney and I coveted the Signature Chevre cheese dip, too poor to purchase, but Brianna and I went all out for the occasion of my college graduation picnic and got what I thought was 1/2 lb.  I was wrong - it was a whole pound, at $10.00 per 1/2.  So you can imagine my surprise when it rang up as $18.23 - for cheese?? Needless to say, I will be checking more carefully next time.  And yet, its pretty tasty cheese - so I'm not entirely disappointed. 

After we picked out our cheese and sodas, we padded over to the bakery and bought our traditional two rolls a piece (i think Brianna actually got a scone, whatever), plus another french boule for sandwiches the next day.  Alas, there was no paper and crossword for us to solve, so I found quarter and bought one of the remaining Pioneer Press'es outside.  We were quickly distracted by the word jumble and solved it in a cinch. We couldn't stay long, for we had other errands to run (whole food - way too expensive, and rei - way too expensive), so we cleaned up our crumbs and left our paper for the next person.  It was such a long, good day - we had visitors with us when we arrived home.  At the end we went to the Cottage Grove drive in movie theater - note to self (actually note to Brianna): make sure your radio works before going to a DRIVE IN movie, haha.  FYI: Date Night is not a family movie