European Expedition

Bon voyage et Bienvenue à l'expédition européenne!
Bon Voyage: Used to express farewell and good wishes to a departing traveler [French : bon, good + voyage, journey.]
Bienvenue à l'expédition européenne: Welcome to the European expedition
What's with French? I'm not sure, I certainly don't speak much of it - but its nice to mix it up.

Today we venture across the pond and over the Baltic Sea - today is the day we fly to Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.  I have been housing two of my fellow choir members since school ended and since my car is in the shop, we've had to orchestrate a complicated web of transportation to and from school and Target the past two days (I probably should have thought that through before I let my parents take my car, ah, well, what's done is done).  Since finals week started 8 days ago, graduation on Saturday (yes, I am now a college grad, without a diploma, mind you, since I still have some summer credits), and with all the preparations and meetings for our departure today- my normally pleasant, can-do demeanor has rapidly deteriorated into a stubbornly irritated pessimism - SOMEBODY HELP ME - I don't know how to function like this! 

No, really though, I'm fine - just a bit amused and confused.  However, the sun is shining, classical mpr is playing as I write and we're leaving for Europe today - this is a blessing, no need to complain.  With all that said, I am leaving my laptop for two weeks, but I will do my best to write about it and illustrate with some pictures if I may. As the clock keeps passing the time, my excitement sparks and I'm double checking my suitcase for the twentieth time - did I mention that I was already packed three weeks ago? What can I say? I like to travel.