European Expedition - Au revoir l'Europe et la Finlande

Tomorrow we leave Finland for Iceland and then America - our last night was full of skits, hugs, and prayers. It still doesn't feel as if I have graduated from college, but I have.  In high school, I was definitely ready for graduation - but I'm not old enough to be done with college, I'm still a little girl. 

I've filled up all but half of the back cover of my journal, rationing the rest for the journey home. I will spend the summer with some of these friends, but when we leave the Humphrey terminal tomorrow, I will never see some of these people again. That's a sobering realization. 

I've experienced true Christian community during this time on tour.  Let me be clear, it certainly hasn't been perfect, its been quite awful at some times.  But the thing about Christian community is not perfection, but rather acknowledging that there is something, SOMEONE, greater than us -  and we stay together, try to support each other, forgive each other, and hold each other up because of Him.

Europe has been interesting, but this tour was not about Europe.  It was about learning to live with each other.  Learning to forgive each other, learning about one another and moving forward each day because it demands it. 

Its about midnight and I shall saunter off to my cozy bed now.  Good night, see you in Minnesota.

P.S. God is doing some pretty amazing things around this world of His, as evidenced through the Sunday service at the Rock Church in Helsinki today.