European Expedition - Riga to Tartu

Shasta Feltman, correspondant for Traveling Cabinet and NWC College Choir News, reporting to you from Tartu, Estonia.

Our plane rides from Iceland to Helsinki, Finalnd to Riga, Latvia were relatively uneventful - minus the serious sleep deprevation and dehydration.  You could see Greenland from the plane's window, it was incredibley eerie to think that no one lives there, all the mountains breaking through the clouds and no one in the valleys.  The Norwegian coast was so pretty with the mountains and fjords (look it up).  We finally took our last flight from Helsinki to Riga in a small propellor engine aircraft. 

Riga was gorgeous! Old houses, ornate facades, a canal with row boats (totally tried those out) and flowers around every single street corner.  The people were not extremely keen on loud Americans, but the ladies at the tea shop humored us as we sipped rooibos on pillows.  I can hardly remember it now, good thing I journal.  It seems so long ago, although it was only Wednesday through today (Saturday). 

We had a lovely concert in the magnificent Riga Dome (cathedral) and spent most of the day driving north through Latvia to Tartu, Estonia.  Beth, Faith, Anna and I are now in a homestay with an american/estonian couple from the church we sang at - so lovely.  I should get to sleep now - farewell until Narva, Estonia. Oh, and the weather is GORGEOUS - most people speak English.