Gershwin and Blues

I write to you one day after this lovely party I attended at the "Stash-worth house" (although its published on Sunday).  I arrived around 9 or 10 pm - late, and expecting to see no one I knew.  But as I struggled to take my sandals off, I looked up and saw familiar faces all around.  I chatted, tried a delicious burger (thank you Steve)  and joined in a festive song of Happy Birthday around the camp fire.  To make things infinitely more wonderful, the men cleared the floor, turned up the music, and we began to swing and blues right then and there - a relaxing finale to a beautiful year - Zach and I even tried to "blues", I think its safe to say we mastered the dip.  The floor was small for six couples, but I was just happy to be doing something I truly enjoyed, no strings attached.

Feeling the tired creep in, we sat down for another few hours of conversation, life sharing, story telling, and all the while the record played sweeping Gershwin tunes to the background of our American banter. 

As I slowly drifted off under a quilt on a sofa, couldn't help feeling like a rebel for staying up past midnight (self inflicted bed time).  However, the silent ticking of my internal clock and the nagging reminder that I had a captivating performance to deliver the following afternoon stimulated my groggy removal.  I must admit it was so peculiar to see friends outside of campus - we had to reorient ourselves, redefine boundaries.  It gave me a taste of what's to come after graduation this May - What a lovely night.