May Day & La Boulangerie Française

Have you ever been to the corner of Grand and Snelling?
Nous mangions du pain et du fromage. We ate bread and cheese.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, our usual day for outings, and Whitney had the idea to drive to the nearest Jamba Juice to redeem our gift cards (thank you Derek, he gave them to us a "I think you guys are cool and would like this" present).

We arrived near Macalester, dress blowing in the wind, hat twirling on the handle of my tote (I love that word).  It was so blustery I must have flashed half the people waiting at the stoplight, I'm sorry.  Inside Jamba came the yummy smell of pureed citrus and a familiar, yet out of place, aroma ... of baked bread.  To our most wonderful delight, there was a jen-u-Ine French bakery sharing space with the smoothie shop.  "'Cuh-n't have dreamed it up better me-self" - not to mention there was a cheese shop snuggled up on the other side of Jamba.  Perfecto!

The Breadsmith Bread Bakery in St. Paul.

So, to make this story short, we bought our smoothies, sauntered over to the cheese shop, purchased a tub of "Roasted Garlic Chevre", ordered two French rolls a piece (plus two extras for Brianna) and sat down to enjoy people watching and a delicious light lunch.  Yum. 

We talked of the future, of one day doing this with each other's children, of marriage, of getting older.  We agreed that even though we've both reached the coveted age of 21, we  still feel as if we were 17, young, kids, silly, unsophisticated.  Well, I never want to grow up, at least not in that way. I hope I can always laugh and giggle with my children, or smile at the same silly jokes we always tell each other. 

It was such a delightful (and that word really does describe it) day. 

Since I still had one last performance in the BlackBox Theatre, Whitney and I drove home so I could get ready.  What a wonderful show, my mother and brother came, along with my quirky first cousin - once removed (its a strange connection, but they ALWAYS come to our plays).  I was so sad to see it end.  But I had one more exciting adventure left.  During a lull between shows and run crew duties, I managed to visit the Turn Style Consignment shop on Fairview and MN-36.  Although my intent was to find an antique suitcare, I managed to come across this:

No, no, not the hat, not the scarf.  The most adorable, affordable wicker picnic basket ever created (well, I can't verify that, so lets go with the state of Minnesota). Please forgive me for getting excited about this if you find it completely ridiculous, but when you consider that I have been spending so much time outside, enjoying many picnics and blanket study halls, and that something like this normally costs $30, you can't help but be a little happy when you see one sitting in a quiet consignment store for $12 - plastic dinnerware included.

Let me simply conclude that God is good, it was a beautiful, happy day, and I am so thankful for sunny springs, french bread, picnic baskets, and best friends to enjoy it with.