A Saturday tradition - la fromagerie et la boulangerie française

La fromagerie et la boulangerie française: the cheese shop and the French bakery

Two saturdays in a row now we've visited Breadsmith and The St. Paul Cheese Shop. What did we eat this time: French/Peasant Rolls, Red Pepper Feta Mint cheese spread, French Butter spread, and I bought a huge French Bread Boule (pronounced: boo-el) to slice and eat with sandwiches. The Red Pepper spread had an interesting minty kick which I could only take in small measures, so I went back for the French Butter.  Everything is suprisingly inexpensive - the spreads are $3 -6 and last forever, rolls are $0.75 and two are enough for a meal.  Did I mention that the cheese shop has student dollar discounts on sandwiches? The most expensive things are the Jamba smoothies which we only get when we have gift cards. 

Well, we sat at our table again, (not hard to find since there are only two), and helped ourselves to a left over newspaper.  Minus the article on deliquents, the newspaper provided light-hearted entertainment until the bread ran out. Whitney is demonstrating her frustration with the genius-level Saturday crossword puzzle in the Pioneer Press. Well, even though we failed at this game, we looked at pictures of fuzzy orangutans, unscrambled and solved the unscrambler puzzle (even though we weren't sure that two of our answers were even words), and laughed at the Bizarro comic about a crash dumby.

The St. Paul Cheese shop has a delightful blog about cheese - quite whimsical.

On the way to Grand Ave. we took Lexington Ave. around Como Park - a beautiful drive - and we passed an antique shop. Since I'm in the market for an antique suitcase to try the DIY project I have listed on one of my pages, we stopped by on the way back to my falling to pieces car (poor Tomas). 

The shoppe was small, cluttered and smelled of stale cigarettes - a chocolate lab greeted us at the door, its master was a small wrinkled grizzly woman whose response-time lag caused me to wonder at a drug habit. We stayed only a short time - neither of us wanted to conduct any form of business transaction (or any transaction for that matter) with the woman at the register.  Well, we said thank you, tried a smile, and left.  No suitcase, but I found some really old stamps, so I may be back again.  Because it was saturday, we took the long way back through Summit Ave, Whitney has never seen it. Beautiful - the flowers were blooming, Old Minnesota at its best.  We both agreed that although we've lived here three years, we've completely missed out on the suprises of St. Paul.  We are well aquainted with Minneapolis, but St. Paul takes the cake.

Next stop: Nina's Coffee Cafe and Common Good Books