European Expedition - "Velcomen to Helzinki"

Finland has been full of surprises - last night we were serenaded by Finnish gentlemen and ended our night with an hour of swing dancing with a Finnish woman we met at a cafe by the river.  Did you know that Jake Wolf can dance? What can't that man do?

Our concert took place in the gorgeous St. Michael's church in Turku (as seen in picture left taken by Julie Johnson) and were then served a delicious dinner by our host choirs - including the serenade at the end and a yummy white chocolate raspberry mousse. SO GOOD!

This morning we travelled to Helsinki once more and performed one last concert at the Rock Church - its safe to say that I cried a little.  Anna Cousins, Beth Clanton, and I went for a chocolate run late at night, but everything was closed! Don't they understand women? We need our chocolate!!  Well, I'm over it - besides, Anna said she'd dig into some she bought as presents and replace it in the morning.  I supplemented amazing Finnish chocolate with an amazing Finnish hot chocolate drink before bed. 

Cultural Tip: American men should form singing groups and serenade young women more often.