Whitney's African Dance

Have I told you about Whitney? Well, Whitney and I have lived together for three years, starting the day we moved into college.  She is about my height, blonde, and smiley. She has the best sense of humor I've ever encountered, is incredibly laid back, and loves small children (not for breakfast, silly, she's an El Ed. major).

She would now like to demonstrate her African Dance.  Please Enjoy.

We have shared so much of our lives together. We've been through breakups, bad breath, birthdays, and Ben being born (her nephew that's she's obsessed with).  I could tell her anything.  She probably has no idea that I'm writing about her (though she will when she reads this).  I'm a little crazy, willing to do some dumb things, she just laughs at me, turns the burner down when I'm being distracted (prevented many a fire, thank you) and continues to stir.  Laura, our other roommate when we were in the dorms, will attest that Whit is hilarious and sweet.  She's so real.  What do I love about Whitney? Idk, she's my best friend. (and please, did you see that video? she's the funniest things I've ever seen)

As a side note, I just want to say thank you to everyone who's been a reader at some time or another.  Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement, your insights and interactions with whatever it is that you find here. My prayer has always been that something I've written down will be of use to someone: to make them laugh or make them cry, to impart wisdom or offer solidarity.  Whatever it is, I'm listening and I am grateful.