1972 Schwinn Suburban

This elegant Schwinn bicycle offering a choice of gear options and frame sizes to fit the petite as well as the taller girl. Tubular front fork, deluxe mattress saddle, enameled fenders richly trimmed with gold color stripe, 27” X 1 1/4” nylon cord Puff tires. Choice of colors: Sierra Brown, Campus Green, Burgundy

It's Sierra Brown.

And I'm not exactly sure its a '72 but its pretty close.  Today was its inaugural ride (well, the first for me anyway) and we took it on a journey to the Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Central Park and to Reservoir Woods.  That would have been in itself an amazing day, but Olive (thank you Michael), my new Schwinn got to come along for the ride.  My friend Michael likes to fix and restore things and that's exactly what he did for Holly - then he decided to be generous and give it to a friend.

My favorite thing to do on Holly is glide super fast down hills, she's an excellent glider.  Unfortunately she's too fast for her brakes and balance, and more than once I thought I was going to die.  Its so thrilling though, the same feeling you get when your in the front of a sailboat and the wind is rushing past your ears.  Another funny story - I bought a bike lock before we took her out - not the number combination kind, but the super fun four-letter word locks.  The preset combination: "holy".  God has a sense of humor.