As I perused my writings I realized that I haven't shared a thing since last Saturday - my dear, my dear - I thought to myself - what shall I say?  I have been quite busy as of late, time spent with friends AND adventures, but I've felt no inclination to jot them down. Not one bit motivated to share it, no inspiration nor fingers itchy to spell it out.  I simply assume this is because I've posted so much the past three months that my journaling juices have dried up like my feet after a summer of barefooted fun - (although, I feel that my callouses are really more like souvenirs then cracked dry skin). 

Well then, what shall I say?  I shall tell you exactly what I am doing on this summer evening.  I am having my favorite book read aloud to me for free.  Pride and Prejudice is now vibrating  from my ipod, across the room, to my ear - attached to my head, which is laying on a pillow, recovering from a headache.  Because my headaches are caused by my exhausted eyes, watching Pride and Prejudice on TV or reading it from my hardcopy is actually quite painful.  Thankfully, I have stumbled across bountiful source of entertainment perfect for the somewhat-cultured college student's budget - (I say somewhat cultured because some people do not enjoy literature, if this is you, this discovery is useless to you, and I am sorry).   

ANYWAYS.  (hehe)  This wonderfully clever organization called Librivox has taken advantage of the millions of unemployed English majors and hired them to read and record hundreds of classic books from the "public domain" (ok, ok, I made the first bit up, the readers are neither necessarily unemployed nor scholarly).  But regardless of their degree, the readers of Librivox have provided us with hours and hours of wonderful books accessible through podcasts downloaded via itunes - for FREE.  This is extremely useful, not only for evenings when headaches prevent other entertainment, but for long car rides when music cannot capture my attention (I know this comes as a shock to music junkies, but not everyone likes listening to music for hours on end).  I LOVE listening to the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or Persuasion on my frequent drives home to Wisconsin or spontaneous trips to see Whitney or Brianna in South Dakota. 

I hope you find this discovery to be as much of a gem as I have - happy listening.

**Oh, I don't think all bikes are girls - I think you just know what they are when you meet them ;)