Une pluie mardi - la boulangerie et la fromagerie

The fourth time's the charm- the Bakery and the Cheese Shop
This morning began with a visit to the office (actually it wasn't this morning, it was Tuesday, June 1st) - minimal work accomplished, but everyone was updated on the trip around the Baltic Sea.  On the way, I ran into my fellow world traveller - both of us wearing our new European couture.  All I could do was laugh hysterically for a minute or so - don't ask me why, I still don't know.

But after work I was in need of carbohydrates (since that's pretty much all I eat), so another adventure to the Breadsmith was in order - this time I shared it with a new friend. (Well, the friend isn't all that new, but he's never been there before.)  The cheese shop was lovely and I began a new habit of buying a black cherry soda, my favorite, and my friend chose the garlic chevre for us to dip our bread in - classic.   As we sat in the bakery, at a different table this time, the rain began to pour - I love the smell of wet trees. 

Sharpening our people watching skills, we noticed two very interesting people: first a woman with a very short torso holding her briefcase over her head to avert the giant drops of an overhanging tree, and second, a ancient old man wearing a Twins baseball cap, white t-shirt and shorts - the only way you could tell he wasn't a ten year old boy on his way to play ball was the onyx walking stick that popped out from his other side every other step and the way his neck curved at a 45 degree angle forward from his back.  I watched him stroll across the street with amazement and a chuckle. I wonder what he did that day?

The rain continued all the while we at our rolls, so the good friend that he is, ran out to the car for the umbrella and we sprinted underneath it back to my drive Honda named Tomas. The jet lag began to take its toll around 6pm so I sauntered off to bed at that early hour and woke up the following morning around 3am - took a shower, and went for a lovely walk around the lakes at the crack of dawn.  I love a good Minnesota morning rain - it smelled like Hawaii.