Hark! What's that? Introducing...The Traveling Cabinet Shop


Well, hello there fellow Northwesterners, friends, and random yet very loved readers!

To make things easier (and to add some continuity) the shop's new name is The Traveling Cabinet and its the new Etsy shop I launched this week - it is the product of the lovely (and lonely) summer after graduation, a yard of leftover linen and my grandmother's sewing machine. Thank you Grandma Dorothy for your beautiful sewing machine and all the lovely letters you and Grandpa have given me these past few years.

So here's the deal.  I made a couple of these things and showed them to my friends, gave some as gifts and...let's just say it went over pretty well.  I brought this particular one to the left to Kristen and Jake's wedding in Danbury, WI - so handy next to the ginormous bag I usually tote around.  So I did what any liberal arts major without work would do and put my hands to the task ;).  

In my spare time I've put together simple and classic handmade designs from the beautiful land of Minnesota and the St. Croix River Valley. Clutches, purses, bags, handmade cotton flowers, to name a few.

Materials used at the The Traveling Cabinet shop come from my favorite local shoppes... Stillwater's Rose Mille to Roseville, St. Anthony's Crafty Planet to St. Paul. Supporting small fabric and craft stores, is almost as lovely as discovering one. Its like a scavenger hunt - I love it. I go for the organic fabrics, handmade ribbons, and antique thread - the good stuff.

I've so enjoyed this time to create, its nuts - me? an entrepreneur, or almost.  Yeah, I've been researching articles about marketing, developing pricing guides, shipping policies, and business models.  I spent the last two days building a photography softbox that doesn't work and testing the white balance on my digital camera.  Did I know what a softbox was? Not a chance.

Please visit, if you like anything you might find at The Traveling Cabinet shop let me know, I'm definitely open to special orders and discounts for Northwestern students and alum.

Since everything belongs to the Lord, I would like to give a percentage of the profit to a ministry, preferably cross-cultural, and I would like to ask if you have any suggestions, or if you personally know of any ministry that would benefit from it.  Please leave your suggestions via comment or send me a longer explanation via email/facebook.