A lighthearted lily

I've been using my brain so much these past few years at Northwestern (or at least I was supposed to) that I now find I'm spending my free time using my hands.  If you haven't noticed, I'm a girl, so naturally I gravitate towards the more delicate of crafts like a DIY flower bouquet, as highlighted in one of my favorite blogs - Down and Out Chic, that offers legit designs.  Here's the thing about crafting, I used to think that it was a bunch of cutesy and mildly to extremely tacky projects like kitten mugs, or rose scrunchies.  Granted there are a fair share of those adorable-when-you're-five craft projects that are quite nice but completely useless, but low and behold  there's an entire world of beautiful, skillful projects for the sophisticated (ehem) crafter.  Who knew that paper flowers could look like real flowers...or that beginner seamstresses could create cotton masterpieces (Martha Stewart knows what she's doing). I've had this conversation with coworkers and friends - making something with your hands, creating outside of yourself, using your mind and hands, is just so sweet - just ask Paul, 1 Thessalonians 4:11.