Movies in the Park

If you have never had the pleasure of spreading out your blanket upon the green Minnesota grass and watching a film under the setting summer sun, then you have never enjoyed a Minnesota summer to its fullest.

I tend to fall on the Romantic side of the fence (that's Romantic with a capital "R" and not the lovey dovey kind) so its always appealing to do this sort of thing - and the best part: its absolutely free.

Now, both Minneapolis and St. Paul put this on, but I prefer to check the Minneapolis schedule more often since they're on almost every night.  So here's how it works: you find a free evening when its not raining, check the movie schedule for the night, determine what park its at via google maps, pack a blanket, a jacket (it can get cold), some snacks and a water bottle, and GO!

The movie really does make or break the experience - some of my upcoming favorites include:

7/7 - Bottineau Park - The Blind Side
7/8 - Lyndale Farmstead Park - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
7/9 - Van Cleve Park - Little Giants
7/12 - Northeast Park - Avatar
7/15 - Father Hennepin Bluffs Park - My Dog Skip
7/16 - Phelps Park - The Muppet Movie
7/16 - Bohanon Park - Madagascar
7/17 - Boom Island - Sleepless in Seattle
7/17 - Harrison Park - The Great Debaters (this is an awesome movie)
7/19 - Columbia Park - Star Wars

My fellow Northwesterners and I (and yes, there is always at least one Northwesterner to spot during the movie, I swear, we're everywhere) have seen three movies so far.  The first one: Roy Orbison something something black and white, at Lake Harriet, whatever - it really wasn't particularly entertaining, but the company was nice.  Don't worry, it got better, the next one was Batman Begins at Audubon Park in St. Anthony, and the popcorn was so tasty - good movie too.  AND tonight my friend Jake and I watched Footloose by Minnehaha Falls (where my dad proposed to my mom btw) and laughed and laughed, thoroughly enjoying ourselves with Kevin Bacon's retro dancing angst.  It was great.  Oh! and do pack bug spray (the mosquitoes eat like Tartu).