Summer Project - The DIY Clutch

I was inspired. Her name was Emersonmade.  I give her credit for this recent expression of my domestic creativity. Thank you Emerson. Side credit: Ali Foster.

Well, now you're most likely leaning forward in your seat biting your nails, wondering - "what is it??" (as if the title didn't give it away).  Have no fear! I have pictures.  After a little inspiration, and a google search, I came across a sewing pattern for a clutch purse

As you may have guessed, this is the first one I attempted - the stitching is a little loose and the front flap is definitely lopsided - but it works great for me.  I love the outside fabric and the inside is a gentle gray that matches the outside pattern. I found both at a fantastic vintage fabric shoppe in St. Anthony called Crafty Planet.

This one I made with leftover linen lining from a dress I made last summer and a ribbon I found in my favorite shoppe in Stillwater, MN - Rose Mille.  This store has beautiful vintage thread, ribbon, and buttons.

Now bear with me, I'm an amateur so my sewing skills are no where near perfect.  However, this project has been so fun and allowed for so much creativity (even for a sewing newbie such as myself), I couldn't resist the urge to share it.  Wallah! Enjoy - a handmade clutch purse - perfect for a night out without the shoulder ache of a full bag - it even makes a lovely gift for your best friend on her twenty second birthday - I know, I tried.  The best part - its really easy, the pattern is free, and I've put together an easy tutorial and helpful hints to help you out.  P.S. - boys can sew too (although I doubt you'll have much use for a clutch purse, but you can adapt the pattern for a small pouch for tools or other random things you'd like to carry, apparently its become quite trendy for men sew, but don't let the "trendy" part throw you off [that one was for the hipsters]).

What you'll need:
Four sheets of paper - to print the pattern on 
Sewing Machine and thread - I used my mother's
1/2 yard of cotton fabric - for the outside
1/2 yard of cotton fabric - for the lining
Magnetic clasps - found at JoAnn Fabrics or other craft store. 
Decorations - ribbons, fabric flowers, buttons, etc.

Follow the instructions on Ali Foster's Basic Clutch Pattern.  Be sure to consult a sewing dictionary if you do not understand all the sewing terms, although its pretty easy to figure out.  Let me know if you have any questions and we can collaborate to find a solution.  I found that the best part was adding the ribbon or embroidering my friend's initials on it - it felt relaxing and industrious.  This particular pattern does not have a front flap that meets the bottom edge of the clutch, I ended up experimenting with it to create one that does. 

Happy Trails!