Where in the World...?

In the Feltman family we have a few traditions.  On Christmas evenings we always go to the theater for a movie - on top of that all holidays are marked with a big meal: crescent rolls must be included. But one of my favorite traditions has been our quest to watch every season of Lost.  My parents always wait to buy it on DVD while I, at college, have kept up to date every week - sometimes celebrating the occasion with a big Lost gathering and other times (when duty calls me away), catching it on the internet the day after.  So in December of 2008, by shear coincidence, I was over the top estactic to discover that we would be having our ICS trip debriefing a mile up the road from one of the filming locations of the fifth season of Lost.  "So cool" does not even begin to describe it. 

We woke up each beautiful morning to the crashing of the waves on the beach twenty feet from our cabin, spent time with God and each other and then for a few straight days in a row my friend Alyssia and I would walk the mile or so down the beach to catch a glimpse of Ben and Locke filming their beach confrontation or Sun and Juliet get ready by their trailers.  And yes, we saw the "Others" camp, and yes, we saw the blue VW vans, and yes, we saw the wrecked remains of Oceanic Flight 815.  It was awesome.  So the "Where in the World...?" answer for yesterday is: the northwest shore of Oahu, Hawaii - on the Mokuleia beaches past the Dillingham airfield.