DIY: Braided Headband & some other things

Yesterday was a day of craft; I say a DAY-OF-CRAFT! Whit and I were busy crafting things for our dear Bfs, and Lou provided us with amazing music - I know I've raved about her before but I'll do it again, her songs stick in my head and I just want to groove when she plays. Below you'll find another video I put together of Lou and the Piano - its called: How You've Been by Laura Dowding.

It started out Thursday with "Bearek" actually.  See, "Bearek" is Whit's teddy bear from Derek, her Bf. Get the connection ... (roll eyes).  Well its actually pretty cute and Bearek smells wonderful thanks to some of Derek's cologne.

So Whit decided she would make something for him in return and that's how it began.  Whit was looking through my craft Bible a.k.a. Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts ... swoon.  And she started to feel inspired.  Shall I make a stuffed bunny? Or maybe a hankie? Or what...? Well since Derek reads this blog from time to time I won't tell you what she picked - he hasn't received it yet.  But what I can tell you is that during this pre-craft inspiration session Michael stopped by with gifts.   Craft gifts. ... ... ! I like him.  In the package was a handful of fat fabric squares from a garage sale he visited.  We all admired them with smiles.  Then in a bout of genius, Whit thought she'd like to make a braided headband from a I coerced her into making one for me too.  She finished the braiding but we took a break for a day before we sewed on the elastic part - mostly because we didn't have the elastic part.

But as I said, yesterday was the day of craft.  So in a sad, stick it to the environment sort of way, all three of us ended up at JoAnn Fabrics after work/school ... in separate cars.  My God-and-stewardship-be-nice-to-the-environment-and-strive-for-efficiency side was cringing.  It was just a bit funny.

Anywhos, the fabric search was a bit of an adventure, Whitney just takes longer than most folks at decision making, but the result was glorious and I ended up chatting with the fabric counter girl, Amy, about all her travels.  GOOD News! Apparently French people outside of Paris are nice...I was relieved.

 Ok, back to the story.  We returned to our apartment and made spaghetti with brown sugar tomato sauce, yuh-huh-mi!, and watched an episode of "Friends" - thankfully it was one of the "lesser inappropriate episodes" and it took us back to weeknights in KnuHa when we wanted to ignore our homework.  And we were ridiculously silly, please, I have a video.

Then came the real deal: sewing time.  No one panic, I have pictures. Whit worked on her mystery project and it was such a joy to help her learn to sew and put it together.  I really liked it and she was really good. (Derek, you're gonna love it).

I completed a book cover for a devotional book - making things for Michael is my new hobby, and he let's me so I'm content.  In addition I finished my own braided headband and it would be my pleasure to share it with you.

Smile and Wave has an awesome tutorial on how to make your own braided headband from scratch, but I will provide directions of my own.  So we went for it.  It was so simple and extraordinarily fashionable.

2- safety pins
strips of fabric about 18'' long - three for each braid
1- piece of elastic approx 6'' long (but I found that was a little tight for me)
sewing machine

The only bummer is that you really must have a sewing machine, I think it would be flimsy if it were hand-stitched. But I've been wrong before. 

  1. Measure and cut 18'' strips of fabric, 3 per braid (I made two).
  2. Braid strips and temporarily secure with safety pins.
  3. Sew end of strips to secure permanently, if making more than one braid, sew two braids together at ends as well.
  4. Measure and cut elastic band (we found ours at JoAnn Fabrics). Be careful, I made mine too tight and now it cuts off the circulation to my brain ... not good.
  5. Sew elastic band to secured cloth strips on both ends.  

TA DA! You are the proud owner of a handmade super cute headband. Please enjoy and feel free to ask if you have any questions.