The Faithless Reseacher

The subject of the day has been God answering prayers and demonstrating His awesomeness through miracles.  Now, my story pales in comparison to so many things, but it was His doing and not my own and anything that He does should be told: I've been struggling with a lame firewall for a long time and it would be financially impossible to replace my computer.  I was working on a research paper for one of my last classes and like a mosquito to skin, another aggressive virus attacked my computer - halting any attempts to continue my work.  In my head I was freaking out - this thing has to be twelve pages and its due tomorrow...I'm on page one.  Well, I felt quite foolish but nothing I was doing was working so I asked the Lord if he would please heal this thing - I know its ridiculous and a broken computer is the least of this world's problems, but I thought, God, you're bigger than I could ever imagine so its not like you don't have time or strength for my teenie problem so I'll just ask anyways knowing that You have the ability to - you were faithful when I lost my cell phone, another insignificant problem, and if You see fit, this can be healed too.  I'm sure the ending is obvious by now - I went back to my computer and I haven't had a problem since. The end. Man, I need to have a little more faith.