Happy Sunday & 100th Post Anniversary!

Good Morning,

This is a special day, it is the 100th post from The Traveling Cabinet - and it is also Sunday.  I thought to myself, what should I write about? What would be best to celebrate this accomplishment? (For it is a milestone - I hated writing before college and never imagined this could be such a spark in my humanity)

I thought...maybe a list of all things lovely this time of year...or maybe a smart vignette.  But then I opened up an email from M and changed my mind.  See, he sent me something, something that has affected me.  Now, I don't throw my cap into any particular denomination or write my name in blood upon the Calvinist line, so when I tell you it was a sermon by Charles Spurgeon called "A Paradox", it is for no other reason then his words spoke to my heart today, it shot like an arrow to the weak muscle in my chest and challenged this life of following Christ.  And its so beautiful to hear the words of a man from so long ago still resound in the heart of a human.  So don't write it off until you've heard it; dear friends I challenge you to listen, listen with your mind and listen with your heart.

I KNOW that not everyone who reads this follows God, but on the occasion of this 100th post, I want to share a message more worthwhile than the rest. I believe that although it's still important for those who have never been a follower to hear, this message is strikingly stinging for Christians, for those of us who are so good at playing the game we've fallen down our own holes and whose pride of piety has taken the sweetness of salvation away from us. It has put me to shame. God has put me to shame by his very nature and rises with me in the morning to kiss my face and say "I love you".  When I am weak, than I am strong.