Our Story: The Girls

When I was a freshman at Northwestern it was the year they put four people per room in the main dorms - Knutson, Hartil, and KnuHa.  If you know me, its not hard to guess the one in which I resided (KnuHa, cough). But even though most people who go to live in that most awesome of dorms are easy going, wonderful woman, they're still human.  So, what are the odds that out of four freshman girls living in a cube no bigger than a small swimming pool, three of them would become best friends, live together for the next three years (almost) and make it out alive?  Well, I don't know what the odds are but it happened.  There have been a couple comings and goings and a summer break or semester here or there but for three years, we've been each others core family (plus Noelle who is definitely the fourth even though she lived across the hall, but that still counts).  And here, on the precipice of the fourth year, we have reunited again for our last month together.

The summers away from Whit, Lou and Noelle have been hard - I should really learn to make friends that don't live half way across the country.  But its great when we're all together again, our conversation flows over each other like a stream over the rocks, the ebb and flow, the fluid transition of serious and silly, sassy and sweet.  I've never been so close with anyone in my whole life.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't some idyllic model of girlie perfection - we fight and complain, we cry, and we've really hurt each other. But they know more about me than I do and God help the man who hurts one of us.  We come back every time knowing that we're family.  We're each others Whit and Laura and Noelle and Shasta, too many shared memories and love to forget.  But oh, we sure do have fun together.  Wow, they're hilarious; they could go pro.  But now our lives are changing in bigger ways, I'm not worried about us but its not KnuHa anymore.  Whit and I have lived together in an apartment for the past year, Noelle was at home and traveling, and Laura was brave and took a semester to live in the inner city.  In the summer Whit went back to South Dakota; Laura, amazingly talented as she is, took an internship under a professional movie score composer in L.A. and spent the summer in Cali being awesome; and Noelle and I graduated early and are preparing for ten months in Colorado.

This week so many wonderful and scary things collided into one.  Noelle left for our new house in Colorado, Whitney returned from South Dakota and moved from our apartment to one with another friend for the year, Laura drove back from California meeting Noelle on the way in the middle of Nebraska, Dana, my summer roomie moved out and into the inner city, and Laura moved in with me for a month while she looks for permanent housing.  All this happened while another major life event was taking place and it was good.  Its so sweet to be back again, all together - Whit and Lou here and in the month I'll be with Noelle in our new place.  What strange, awful and beautiful things we have endured. This friendship things goes way deeper than I thought.  Last night Lou and I were talking in our beds, like we always do, and I thought back over all our times together, so thankful that at this new juncture we are all still together, loving each other despite our humanity.  They start school today, (ha ha) and I will get to be with them at Northwestern on staff for the next month.  Its too short but Noelle calls me and I'm so excited to live the next adventure with her.  I'm glad we'll each have one of us around, Whit with Lou - Noelle with me.

So I leave you with something our Laura put together, a song she wrote about a few of the things that happened during our time at Northwestern.  She reminds me that its not professional, but I don't care and could listen to it over and over.  Please enjoy my most beautiful friend and her song that makes us smile every time.
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