Something New

Maybe you can relate - you know those tests in middle school that ask you if you're creative or if you like to work with your hands, or if you'd rather "read a book" or "go climb a mountain"? I've always wondered how they could possibly be accurate - "are you creative?" well of course I am! I'm twelve and I want to be DaVinci, it doesn't matter if all my art projects look like a clown threw up on them or if the closest thing I get to landscape painting resembles a poorly constructed Picasso.  That doesn't matter that I have no proof of this creative genius because I'm twelve and (almost) every twelve-year-old girl wants to "be creative". 

Well, I ended up really being more of a book person - a creative wannabe - fulfilling my creative needs through someone else's work - dreaming up all sorts of imaginative things in my head but somewhere along the way from head to hand it got warped. (All these years I forgot that theatre and music meant creative as well, but that's a story for another day).  Well finally! After years of living off the creative glory of other folks, when people now ask me if I am creative, I can confidently say YES! I am and here's proof! I made something, I actually made something with the ability to move from my mother's refrigerator to a real to life gallery. Its a big step.

So here it is, some new things I've been working on - the "Blueberry Cream Clutch" and "Creamy Navy Clutch"  - I was hungry when I named them - and they can be found at the etsy shop The Traveling Cabinet. So watch out world, this bookish academic is crossin' the line to another world.  Take that Third Grade Art teacher!

In other news: many of The Traveling Cabinet's creations have been featured in seller treasuries - Check it out!

A wonderful surprise to discover one of my clutches featured on kievonna's "Hello Yellow" treasury:
TheNerdsNest "Ready Set Pounce"
LeafandInk "Hot August Nights"