Day 4 - Colorado Springs

Yep, I miss Minnesota.  Not quite sure what I'm doing here - funny thing though, last night's speaker at The Plaza (our very hip young adult group) addressed risks, the kind that God asks you to take.  Bulls-eye right to my heart ... ok, God, I get it.

Things I love about Minnesota (and you should too - well mostly):
Rivers ... the Mississippi, the St. Croix
Trees...lots of 'em and the kind that change color
Streets that run straight
Lakes ...Lake Calhoun, Lake Johanna, the pond outside my old apartment (minus the goose poop)
M, W, & L
St. Anthony
Roseville and all its glorious parks
Green grass
Stillwater - particularly Rose Mille
The fact that my family is only an hour away
Green grass (its doubly important)
Choral music
Familiarity (though that will come with time)
Grand & Summit Avenue
Walking with M
The smell of decaying leaves

Now, I do love the mountains here and everything else will soon follow.  But Minnesota is pretty beautiful - I'm just sayin' ;)