Day 5 - Apartment Tour

Welcome to Apartment Tours with Shasta - this is the part of the show where Shasta shows you her new apartment.  Today we are coming from bright, sunny Colorado Springs - the mountains to the North and a scrubby brown backyard to the South.  So climb up the white staircase and wave to the passing cars.

Next on our tour, I welcome you to step in the front door. Note the very nice blue green paint, subtle but beautiful and the warm wood front door.  I'm definitely a fan, no sarcasm here. 

The first view inside the door - not completely unpacked but the loft is serving as my workspace/storage area.  This is too fun. Our furniture is klunky but still an upgrade from college and a full kitchen is a blessing times two.  Let me present to you "Patricia, the vine", hanging out in the right corner of the frame.

The past few nights I've sat up there contemplating life, praying, reading, job searching, Skyping and watching the "Create" channel because I'm a cooking,sewing, hilarious Scandinavian chef named Andreas- loving, gardening, craft nerd - see previous posts for verification.

In addition we have two bedrooms and a cute little 'ole bathroom.  Our neighborhood is a paradox - its full of beautiful old houses on the boulevard of a busy street lined with trees on the cusp of a very very sketchy neighboorhood, surrounded by schools, and two minutes from downtown Colorado Springs. Definitely didn't call that one.

I leave you with an encouragement to take big risks and don't worry when you spend the first few nights curled up in a ball ;) Apparently its normal.