Getting Lost on Saturdays

Shall I tell you that the best thing in the world is to look at directions once and keep your mom on speed dial? Its the best way to get lost, find wonderful new places, and get out of your own time-efficient-A to B-American way. (But like I said, keep Mom-on-speed-dial). Of course I forgot to bring my camera again - many apologies - but I ended up in an old little state park surrounded by cliffs, ridges, streams, bridges and bear warnings.  I sat down in my sun hat on an old wooden bridge above the brook to write a few lines about the fall colors and golden light that filled the valley, and all I could think was "gee, I sure hope there aren't any bears around here".

To make the story even better, when I did finally make it to my original destination (thank you mom), I found an old bakery, ordered a sandwich and glass of wine, read my bible and explored the interesting shops in Old Colorado City ... by myself. I felt like a dream as I floated in and out of tea shops and art galleries.Then a certain Turkish tea towel hanging in a window caught my eye, the store: Olive Tree Traders.

Ten minutes later I walked out with a job, and a plethora of knowledge about this Mediterranean themed textiles and interior store.  What I loved most of all is that the owner makes a point to buy from women coming out of human trafficking and other co-ops who support local Mediterranean artists - he even visits each artist himself and personally selects the beautiful things in his shop. I'm not a "retail" person but I'm excited for the chance to learn from my Jordanian-native employer - and I just have to say that God is good, because two jobs in two weeks is more than just a coincidence.