This afternoon I walked into the coffee shop down the block where Noelle works, ordered a bagel and picked up a September copy of "The New Yorker".  The name sounded familiar and the cover picture was attractive so I thumbed through it until I came to an article on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed architect of 9/11 and current resident of Guantanamo Bay...I'm sure I'm supposed to have an opinion on that.   Naturally, this peaked my interest and I'm certainly going to have to go back and read it, but while working my way from the back something compelled me to flip forward.  Next stop - Nuclear Energy and the ghost town of Uravan, Colorado.  Funny, I pick up a magazine called "The New Yorker" and I'm reading a story about a radioactive city in the state I just moved to - whatever.  But, hey, it was fascinating - Uravan - the city declared so atomically poisonous that every citizen was evacuated and every article was shredded and burned, sits empty and dismantled, meanwhile warning signs set the stage for a horrifying "B" zombie flick.  Now they want to open up the first new uranium mill in decades - my favorite line from the story: "Years later Hiroshima and Nagasaki are thriving revived cities, but the city that supplied the uranium for the making of the bombs was wiped off the face of the planet."  Its so interesting how we try to control our environments and how they end up controlling us.  Uranium ... rich. 

I was actually intending to expanding more on the subject but two men sitting across from me engaged me in a three hour debate on the subject of life, and I sapped all my philosophical energy trying the defend the institution of marriage.  'Til next time