People: Mike Tompkins

Since I've gotten into the habit of going to bed at 9pm - my Colorado night life involves dreaming, not drinking - I find I'm able to wake up for the Today Show on NBC most mornings.  Instead of a morning cup of coffee, I get jazzed by listening to the news and chuckling at the goofy things the hosts endeavor to do. So, since this week is dubbed "Today goes Viral", they hooked up with a true-to-life viral video star and made their own acapella music video - needless to say it was heavily seasoned with "auto-tune".  But what I'd like to share with you is not their video - though its pretty funny - but the amazingly creative compilations of the YouTube star they collaborated with. Maybe I'm behind the times, maybe I'm like the herald who showed up late to trumpet practice, but whatever, I think its cool.  So please enjoy the musical stylings of Mike Tompkins: