I have recycled my Narnia books (no, no, I don't mean I've thrown them away, I simply haven't read them in a few years so I thought I'd re-cycle through them). Seriously though, C.S. Lewis...that man knew what was what.  Therefore I wish I were here, in this cozy cool spot, reading and day dreaming (two things I do very well), with a cup of tea and M reading beside me. I don't know, I think its a darn good idea. So please, day dream away...

 Words are deeds. The words we hear
May revolutionize or rear
A mighty state. The words we read
May be a spiritual deed
Excelling any fleshly one,
As much as the celestial sun
Transcends a bonfire, made to throw
A light upon some raree-show.
A simple proverb tagged with rhyme
May colour half the course of time;
The pregnant saying of a sage
May influence every coming age;
A song in its effects may be
More glorious than Thermopylae,
And many a lay that schoolboys scan
A nobler feat than Inkerman.

-William Charles Wentworth