Saturday Morning

In our Colorado bungalow my desk is nestled in our loft between the slanting beams of our high-pitch roof.  It hugs the back wall, centered beneath the small window looking South over our crunchy backyard.

From here I watch my favorite kitty climb the rail and fence that outlines our plot, he's brown and gray, I think he's staring back at me.  I love him.  I don't know why, but I think he's lovely.  He belongs to our neighbor, whose house sits behind ours but faces West; we live on a corner.  I think he has chickens, I'm not sure.  I see him walk across our sidewalk, then turn South to his front door - he's coming to and from work.  One time I saw him in Noelle's coffee shop; he didn't recognize me. The cat just jumped between the fence and the chicken cop (we're just going to assume that he does have chickens).  I think he needs to come back, I want to look at him some more. Its been my instinct to open the window and call out to him (we're still talking about the cat) but the painters glued the window shut.  Not nice.

I was going to make my own stationary this morning before work but instead I put together a laboriously long Christmas list for my mother.  In my defense I really don't want all 20 sewing books, but Etsy items tend to sell quickly and I wanted to give her options. I'm developing an addiction.

What did you want to be when you grew up? (how exactly do you word that question...grow up...grew up?) Or what do you want to be when you grow up, because the last time I checked I was still twelve with the addition of a driver's license and voting rights.  Ask my Aunt Molly, I wanted to be an Ice Cream truck driver - why not? Free ice cream and you get to make kids happy. This summer, M and I met one on a bike ride by the lake; he was super nice.  Then it was "Artist" (thank you Leonardo) and I haven't stopped the French kick sense (yes, I know he was Italian).  I think 4th grade was doctor and lawyer .... then I got a legal filing clerk job in 9th grade and nipped that in the bud.  Bleck. In 6th grade I went to Europe to visit my cousin, that combined with copious amounts of volunteer hours and badda bing badda boom, three years of mind-numbing homework and a B.S. in Intercultural Studies (no snickering, you know who you are). Hmmm, I believe I have just completed my own personal evolution of career. What about you? What did you want to be? Please tell me, I really want to know!     Still no kitty.