Thanksgiving Workshop

Thank you all for sharing your childhood dreams with me - I absolutely loved reading about them.  Professional food taster? What a gig!  My brother told me he wanted to be Jason, the red Power Ranger...he had the gloves. I will tell you about M sometime, its a good story. 

Its 50 degrees here, its 19 degrees at home.  I know this because I spend 36 total car hours finding out for myself.  It was lovely...not the driving.  But before I left on my quarter-country road trip, I made a few new gifts for The Traveling Cabinet Shop.



Going home was wonderfully healing; I found my Minnesota myself again.  M and I spent three lovely days together exploring Stillwater (I would be lying if I said he doesn't spoils me) and laughing with his family - he even made omelets for my family brunch.  One afternoon we ran through the wind to the cavernous shelter of the St. Paul Cathedral - a place we both love very much.  Though I'm not Catholic, I have a deep desire to light a candle in one of the alcoves and pray.  Just pray. 

I've been trying to come up with some Christmas gifts for my brothers - there are four of them and I don't feel like adding to their gaming habits.  Knowing me the obvious alternative is handmade - Here are some options:
.... hmmm, its either that or candy

Oh! and I must tell you I did something fun but a bit silly - I ordered an embroidery craft French.    I don't read French.  You understand my predicament.  I'm being a bit dramatic - Google is my friend.