The Threshold

Have you ever learned something new, something that changes the way you look at life? Maybe you thought you had at least the major bits of life figured out, but then all of a sudden a staircase appears and you climb up, you cross the threshold into a life that many others have been living but you couldn't see until now.  Its not new to humanity, but its been a secret to you until now.  This new unknown, but how could you have missed it all those years? But now the door is open and the things you used to do are richer, the books you used to read have more color.  They mean more.  Now you start to understand what they meant, what people mean, I guess the poets weren't loonies after all. 

Once my friend drew a map of his mind, his memories, his personality.  It was fantastic in the classical sense.  I thought it was a little dark, set in a dungeon, but I think he got it right.  There were layers to it.  Layers to life.  Secret passages in this mind map.  Undiscovered things.  Thank the Lord - life would be so dull without them.  To discover something new, not just material; to cross that threshold is like climbing to a new layer or discovering a new room in an old house.  Climbing a staircase without knowing where it goes.  So bring your best friend - and never leave each other.

Oh jeez, I need to get to work :)