New Year - New Banner

 Hello folks - I hope you're having a lovely holiday.  I've been tinkering all night designing a new banner for the Etsy shop.  The old one was a bit busy for the eyes but my limited graphic design aptitudes finagled their way through Publisher to produce this guy. Enjoy.

I'm in the market for a new job back here in Minnesota so blog posts may give way to resume reviews - I apologize.  I would welcome prayer during my search - as many of my post-college friends know, its quite a stressful endeavor.  On a positive note: mom and M gave the perfect gifts this Christmas that may induce new clutch designs and fabric finding.  Additionally, there are still many new-in-the-last-month clutches hobnobbing in the shop looking for new homes. If you have any suggestions or clutch requests - I welcome the feedback.