Spiritual Life: Fear is vision without Optimism

My mother has told me that one of the hardest transitions in life is that from college to life on your own. In my limited experience, I would have to agree.  To be on one's own is not so much of a material hardship, but an emotional one.  With limitless possibilities comes limitless opportunities for the tentacles of anxiety to wrap their slimy limbs around your abdomen and suffocate the life out of you. Again, dramatic, I know - but its accurate.  In honesty, I find it very difficult to find solace in the Word of God on my own - except the Psalms for they are the pouring out of a man's soul.  But the histories and letters of the Bible rarely bring me a healing insight unless it is studied in company - then the conversation and wisdom of friends opens corridors of my heart that remain locked in personal study.  So, a sermon from Mars Hill helped to loosen a few of those tentacles.  The pastor laid out anxiety and fear like a newly slain beast - defeated and exposed. A few notes:

Fear is vision without optimism and with irrational fears - no amount reasoning helps
    Reasons for Fear
    • Not getting what you want - I want it, but I'm not going to get it, I don't think its going to happen)
    • Getting what your heart longs for and losing it
    • Getting what you don't want
    Fear reveals our loves, priorities, and our longings - reveals a lot about what is essential to us.
    Fear increases with more freedom.
    Fear turns us into false prophets - we predict the future wrongly - freak out about things that don't happen.
    People are so anxious they can't take vacations without being connected to the world because they can't relinquish control.
    • God designed the body to give us clues about our mental state
    • A key to health is de-stressing
    • Many people grind it out and go, try be tough and get through it, instead of laying their fears on God.
    • With all we do to make our lives comfortable and stress-less - we are more stressed than ever - we are tapped out - always on
    • Our stuff binds us to our fears - giving releases them and blesses others
    I hope you find comfort in this as I have this week.