Thursday Moment

I'm a bit spoiled - when I walked in my door after 8 hours of fussy baby and migraine, the biggest most beautiful bouquet was sitting on our table.  M knows me so well - green and yellow, instead of pink, purple and lilies, daisies and roses tipped in red. It lights up the living room. I'd smile bigger by my face might fall off.

Emily and I woke up to mountains today after her nap.  Well actually she woke up to them because I was reading, but I doubt that she noticed...she's six months old. Her room is surrounded by the front range and they're not kidding, its sunny here 360.

I've met a lot of brave people this week, people in the twenties who've started their own businesses, who follow God's call out of convention.  They break out of the mold and risk their savings, their dignity, their reputations.  Its easy to fall into a life pattern, proverbial auto-pilot.  I think that's what scares me most about life: becoming so concerned about money (let's be honest, that's usually the cause) that I forget that life isn't a program to follow. My mom tells my family I'm a vagabond...I'm not sure if I should offended ;)

On an anthropological note: M found some fascinating color photos of pre-war Russian, and a man who has a lot to share.