Friday: Lovely New Clutches

I was searching the shabby chic corners of Rose Mille and came across a gorgeous old handkerchief. I thought to myself, how can I use this in a clutch? Let me tell you, it was not easy - getting the colors just right, the position, draping it - I tried EVERYTHING.  Then I settled on this lovely design. Enjoy the Antique Floral Handkerchief Clutch (yes, I know - original title)

Before the day finished, I finished another clutch - this one is called the Winterberry Sweetheart Clutch. I just love the little berries dotted over the pattern - its so beautiful I didn't feel the need to add an extraneous flowers - though they can be requested.
Snowbaby (my blue-eyed obese cat) and I are snuggling together, so I best be getting back to that - M will join the snuggle fest soon, even he can't resist Snow's chubby fluffy tummy.