Passport Journal: Tasmania, Huon River 4

Huon River 4, originally uploaded by Rhys Davies Photography. 
The drive down the Huon Highway is absolutely lovely - orchards passed us left and right, the Huon River and the bay were surrounded by green hills and reeds.  It even smells lovely. There goes Franklin...who names a town "Geeveston"? I don't know, but I'd sure like to visit again. I asked M, "How does one move to Tasmania?" "How do you find a job?" Again, I don't know, but I'd sure like to live there. Get a bicycle. Pick apples. We could find an old sailboat and make documentary on how many things your break while fixing up an old sailboat. Ya know, dreams like this are probably way harder than they appear - actually, I know this for a fact - but I've tried not having dreams, I've tried being hard-line practical and it sucks. So I'll stare out into the snow-covered fields of Wisconsin and dream I'm fishing on a boat on the Huon River. Thank you very much.