In the Cabinet: Light is Lovely

Treasury: Light is Lovely

A collection of lovely light favorites from - images via prettylittleworldvintage, peacelovenpolkadots, untamedpetals, and more

In an effort to be an active participant in the Etsy community (a very wonderful community if I may say so myself) I've been intentional about sharing and celebrating fellow creators.  I'm beginning to understand how valuable a marketplace like Etsy is - its warmer, friendlier, and as a whole a much better experience than cruising the mall.  True, its not face to face, but the communication and relationships you build are much more satisfying.  There are tons of support resources, variations on mentor-ship relationships, and the people you interact with are always available for communication - very different than the modern model where its rare you meet anyone new while shopping - pick out your own items, wait silently in line (probably on your cellphone ;) and pay without communicating to hardly a soul.  Machine-like assembly line - every notice how antsy you get when some takes awhile in the checkout line? My legs start to twitch. Its not a horrible way to shop and is very practical if you're in a hurry. But like a flea market or craft fair - Etsy allows you to learn about the things you buy, to get to know their creators and the people who take the effort to display them.  I just enjoy the variety and skill versus a quick buy and hasty consumption.  Everything I've found on Etsy is a treasure - you don't squander treasure.