I'm throwing out the pride and privacy lies and humbly asking all who follow these writings for help.  My family needs prayer.  Lots of prayer.  We need the community of believers to pray for us, to help us.  I'm no stranger to the tentacles of anxiety, wrapping their way around my chest, strangling me; burrowing into my mind - have you ever felt that hopeless? Your mind's in a trap - absolutely trapped. There's no way out, all solutions and effort your direct at it fails to satisfy your desire for peace.  Peace I've learned that only comes by dropping all pretense of control - you must believe.  You must believe that God is magnificent, you must remember what He has done for you.  What He has done for others, in the past.  I don't mean to sound religious, its just the plain simple truth. Once you hit that wall, you know it. And then prayer becomes relevant. It seems ridiculous that it has to come to that, but its the truth.  Beautiful truth.  I read the Voice of the Martyrs magazine this morning - all about the persecuted church.  They too have nothing - they are forced to their knees - but their stakes are higher - their lives are one the line. God has given me that peace today, peace so that I may share it with my family.  But I can't do it on my own - I need your help. Please pray for my family.  Pray that the doors be opened and they see God in all his power and love.  Serious healing needed. Only one Healer.