Saturday: Silence

I'm beginning to miss the sun - haven't seen it for a few weeks. The light fluffy snowfall last night did warm my insides, but it started to seep through the open bit of my boots.

I realized I hadn't posted anything new in a week - I have a remedy/explaination. (just realized that I've been spelling explanation wrong my whole life).  I have been sewing again (the reason) and its been consuming the time I'm not spending job searching or exploring with M. The project: recreate a dress, one that I love so much I wanted to make again.  The cool part: its completely from scratch, no instructions, no patterns - just straight up sewing-know-how and a basket full of mistakes. But I love it - and I'll show you the results in a day or two.  On top of that there's a more serious topic on my mind that requires attention - to be continued...

image here