Thursday: Sewing Episodes

I'm not a funny person, not really.  I have a fun laugh (multiple actually), but mostly I enjoy noting other funny and/or ironic life events.  

So, had an eye exam on Tuesday - can someone please explain to me why they have you choose your frames after they dilate your pupils to dinner plates? I'm sorry, but I don't feel comfortable picking an accessory that adorns my nose 15 hours a day when I can't see two-feet in front of my face.  I chuckled. 

On the sewing front: I found some beautiful new fabric at Joann's and Rose Mille. The lace is from talktothewind. New clutch patterns coming right up!

Another funny story - I've got this cat (see here) and she's got a flat face (ok, I guess that's besides the point) and she likes to sneak into my room at night. Not only does she like to sneak into my room at night, but she likes to grab my pin cushion,  pull out all my pins one by one by their round yellow heads, scatter them all over the floor and run off helter-skelter with my tomato shaped cushion to hide under the bed - she's a hoarder.

45% funny, 45% adorable, 10% painful when you jam your foot into the pin you missed.

I think its funny. My foot says otherwise.