Tuesday: A dress or two will do

 I am a woman of the books, always have been a dreamer - since I was a little girl.  But I have to admit it takes some gusto to set about making something with your hands.  Its like putting your dreams on the line - for example, dreaming of a dress, a beautiful dress and then determining to make it.  Well, now that's a different story. To risk mucking up your daydreams?

Failing, that is a disheartening venture ... but succeeding...brings a sense of courage and pride just as lovely as your dreams.  That's the wonder of creating. As I construct a dress from scratch, no patterns, no instructions, its quite scary actually.  I'm risking my time and the money I spent on fabric, but even more, I'm risking my hopes - which are most expensive, and a spirit that is slow to regenerate frustrated dreams.

I must muster up the courage for every cut and stitch - what if it doesn't turn out right? See, I'm not one to figure things out for myself (that's my brother who single-handedly solves 8x8 rubic's cubes without flinching), rather, I'm the dreaming child who studies other people, and reads and reads 'bout the world - I'd prefer to connect the webs between thoughts, ideas, and goings ons, to think and reflect on what's already there, or dreaming up what's not. So actually making the dress in my head is quite an endeavor.

 However, I liked this dress so much I thought I'd try my hand at making it for myself. So many good memories in this dress.  The process: I wasn't quite sure how to go about it, so I set the dress down flat and traced all the pieces onto cheap cream muslin.  This was to be a sample.  I used my little sewing know-how from dress-making two summers ago and cut the traced bodice out of scrap fabric.

 Then I stitched it all together, bodice first, then a blue band, and then a piece-meal skirt.  There were darts in the bodice which proved hard enough and simply getting all the sides (front and back) attached and fitted took half the day  But it was a good sample.

Pleased with my practice attempt - M and I set off to buy gray and blue fabric. Displeased with Joann's selection of plain grays, we went for brown and navy, and Oreo just couldn't stay away. I just haven't managed to put a lining in it.

Its too cold for winter though and I don't have a cardigan that fits it well - besides, it looks better with a sunhat.What do you think? I aim to make workable pattern pieces for any who wish to replicate it.

SNEAK PEAK: Here's preliminary look at a new dress I've been working on - sewing really is an adventure!The pictures aren't of the highest quality but the dress is intended for a job interview coming soon.
images are from a trip to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum